The firm was established in 1971, under the name BRIAN SHELVER

In May 1982 John Champion became a partner in the firm and the name changed to BRIAN SHELVER & CHAMPION.

In 1989 Jim Neave joined the firm which then became CHAMPION, NEAVE AND STOFBERG.

In October 1989 Noël joined the firm and on the 1st of March 1990 became a partner. 

The name then changed to NEAVE STÖTTER & ASSOCIATES.

Under the leadership of both Jim Neave and Noël Stötter the firm continued to grow.   

In October 2003 the firm became incorporated and became NEAVE STÖTTER INC.

Grant became a director shortly thereafter. 

In November 2019 the firm moved to new premises along the banks of the Kowie River and continues under the leadership of Grant as the Managing Director.

The firm is BEE certified  and is a level 4 Contributor and represents the three major banks, Absa Bank Ltd, First National Bank and Standard Bank Ltd, as well as Ndlambe Municipality.